The latest iteration of Elephant Oil & Gas was formed in February 2018 by a team of high-caliber industry professionals focused on building upon their track record of value creation. The company’s vision is to grow through the targeted acquisition and development of high quality oil and natural gas properties in the continental United States. With a strong technical, commercial and operational background, Elephant is uniquely positioned to create value for its partners and stakeholders.

Elephant has established itself as an industry leader in the identification and exploitation of unconventional resource plays in various basins across the region. Like its predecessors, Elephant will focus on emerging resource plays where the application of cutting-edge technology will be used to unlock the value hidden in the rocks.

The Elephant story began in 2006 after its founders leveraged a successful venture in the Fayetteville Shale to fund the company’s formation and entry into the Barnett Shale. Over the next six years, Elephant expanded into the Midland Basin and the Delaware Basin. Along the way, Elephant realized significant returns for its partners and stakeholders, eventually resulting in the sale of the company to Talon Oil & Gas II (Talon II) in 2012.

Elephant management stayed on after the sale to Talon II, but ultimately spun out a new venture in 2015, Talon Oil & Gas III (Talon III) to target emerging opportunities. Talon III assembled a position in the northern Delaware Basin that rapidly developed into the premier unconventional oil play in the United States. As valuations skyrocketed, Talon III monetized the opportunity to Marathon in the summer of 2017, paving the way for the current iteration of Elephant.